Our Roles & Responsibilities

At KIDS we believe in low documentation demands and our administration team will complete many of the tasks so as educators can spend their time with the children and their own families.

Our highly trained KIDS administration Team will assist educators with all aspects of family day care and the required documentation such as routine outings, educator assistant approvals and enrolment, some advertising, in-home displays, interviews and liaising with families on a regular basis, as well as providing necessary software training to help educators engage with our resources.
Enrolments, all CCS fee administration and all fee invoicing/collection will be the responsibility of our management team. Income will then be remitted via EFT to the educators. This aims to avoid educator-family conflict in regards to bad debts and reduce educator work-load.

An all-inclusive step by step guide on all aspects of operating a successful family day care business with KIDS. This document provides educators with policies, business set up information, fee information, & programming templates will be available on the educator login.

Information required for in-Home display will be provided to educators. These displays will be in accordance with current regulations & policies.
KIDS pty ltd will do advertising online for educators and the service. Other forms of advertising will also be provided from time to time.

All Educators at KIDS are provided with ongoing support in regards to programming, which specifically caters to the Early Years Framework. templates, professional development courses and other helpful resources. Meetings to discuss planning are encouraged at all times and can be conducted via phone, Facetime, Email or can be done in person. Monthly educator and coordinator team meetings are provided. The coordination unit will spot visit educators homes at least once per month to check compliance and to offer support. Educators are welcome to request further support or more visits and from time to time coordinators will visit more frequently when they feel educators need more support. 

ESI ( electronic sign in ) is provided via Hubworks and all children must be signed in/out by parents/guardians on the educators device. 

Once a year KIDS will provide a FREE professional development course at a suitable venue for all KIDS educators to attend. This program will focus on Program Planning & other areas of concern for educators.


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KIDS Individual Day Care Solutions was founded in 2015 in response to what I believe is the transcendent subject facing the education industry today.

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Educator Roles & Responsibilities

Educators will need to set up a designated and attractive sign in area. This area will be for the parents to sign their child in and out every time they attend as per legislation, to display items required under the Regulations and to display programs, work, qualifications and interest topics.

It is the responsibility of all educators to maintain a duty of care to the children at all times.

In order to operate in a professional and ethical manner educators are required to comply with all regulations and laws, ethics codes and KIDS policies during their provision of care. Compliance with all family assistance obligations in an honest and ethical manner is required at all times.

This includes ensuring that the safety and security of the children is paramount.

Educators are also required to uphold professionalism when liaising with families to ensure that the integrity of this company and your business is not compromised.

All children Enrolled within your service must have their details confidentially stored within your premises. This will be on Hubworks electronically and must e easily accessible at all time the children are in attendance. 

Educators are also required to possess an Emergency Evacuation list which includes each Child’s details (Parent & Emergency contacts etc.) This list must also be included in the Evacuation bag and taken on any outings. This is to be maintained by the educator and kept up to date.

All children must be signed in and out by their Parent/Guardian on Arrival and Departure of the service via ESI. This information must then be submitted to the scheme on a Weekly basis via digital software.

As an Educator at KIDS you will be required to develop a program for each individual child based on observations and knowledge of the child’s strengths and areas of further development.

You will need to display and implement these plans, along with a follow-up evaluation and reflection.

All aspects of The Planning Cycle need to be documented and recorded in a confidential manner allowing the content to be available to parents, your provider and the Department.


Educators will work with the coordination and management team to complete the routine places they would like to take the children to. These must e signed by parents and renewed every 12 months. Educator assistance need to e approved by the management team and signed off by parents every 12 months.


Educators need tp provide the required documentation on themselves and residents i the home to the service and keep this updated. First aid will need to be updated by the educator. 


Educators will need to subscribe to Hubworks annually and pay the fee required. Insurance for family day care and any other insurance for home or car need to be implemented by the educator prior to commencement and must be kept up to date by the educator at all times.